Greetings Danville Families & Community!

We have an exciting announcement for everyone!

Danville Community School Board President, Jason Samples, Board Member, Mike Miltenberger, and I have been in communication with George and Jill (Wagner) Bowers and are pleased to announce their intent to establish a community park in Danville. This park will encompass nearly 35 acres, in honor of her parents, Holly and Katie "Kay" Wagner and her brother, Mark.

As owners of the 35 acres, George and Jill are planning to donate this ground for the community park. The land is located east of our Danville schools, off of Gerdes Drive. They have established a board to help oversee this project which Mr. Samples, Mr. Miltenberger, and I are a part of.

As one of the first planning steps we would like to seek input from students, staff, and families about what everyone would like to see in the park. We plan to survey students and staff during the school day, but also wanted to send out a survey to our families to gather your feedback as well.

We have created a rough draft image of the park just to show what it could look like (see below). This image is not to scale and is only meant to help visualize what could exist in the park.

Complete the survey HERE


Pat Wallace, Superintendent
Jason Samples, DCSD Board President
Mike Miltenberger, DCSD Board Member