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why danville?

Superintendent Wallace


At the Danville Community School District, our purpose is to create a dynamic and impactful learning environment that nurtures the development of every student. We ignite minds, empower hearts, and shape bright futures by fueling resilience, confidence, and compassion while equipping students with essential life skills and an unwavering determination to triumph in every aspect of their lives.

Together, with our supportive community, we prioritize high academic standards, social-emotional learning, and character education to foster a strong foundation for lifelong success. Join us at Danville, where extraordinary opportunities await, and all students have the potential to be great!


With small class sizes and 1 to 1 technology from PreK to 12th grade, we prioritize personalized learning. Through our partnership with Southeastern Community College, students enjoy free college classes, expanding their horizons. We offer a diverse range of 37 clubs, activities, and sports across all seasons, with a goal to involve 90% of our students. Our commitment extends to early childhood education and daycare services within the district. Proudly, our 95% average graduation rate for the past six years reflects our dedication to student success.