Danville Elementary PVO

The Danville Parent Teacher Organization (PVO) is a volunteer based group. It is the mission of the PVO to work in conjunction with both parents and teachers to provide a comprehensive, enriching and collaborative educational experience for the students of Danville Elementary through the efforts of its parent based volunteer groups.

The PVO provides support to the school by raising money to fund selected classroom activities, necessary supplies, donations, school programs, improvements, and much more. The PVO activities held throughout the year are made possible by the volunteer efforts of both parents and teachers. The success of each PVO activity is dependent upon the charitable efforts and ingenuity of our Danville community.

The measure of the success of the Danville PVO is dependent upon the willingness of parents and teachers to become involved. A wide array of volunteer opportunities are available and parent participation is both needed and encouraged to reach our goals.

This is your PVO. No contribution is too small. Together we can make a measurable difference for our school.

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