Essential Learnings

Problem Solver

* Builds consensus

* Negotiates

* Thinks independently and creatively

* Makes decisions

* Learns and applies problem solving strategies

Progressive learner

* Develops and applies knowledge in basic skill areas and in the arts, nature, sports and culture.

* Is a lifelong learner

Quality worker

* Respects others

* Works as a team player

* Works independently

* Understands group roles, taking the lead when appropriate

* Adapts to change

* Develops a strong work ethic

Responsible Citizen

* Lives with integrity through a commitment to moral, ethical, and social responsibility

* Devotes time to community

* Seeks opportunities to volunteer

* Recognizes and demonstrates respect for individual, cultural, and racial differences

Resource Manager

* Manages resources (finances, information, natural, time)

* Makes positive choices regarding health and wellness

* Optimizes organizational skills

Effective communicator

* Possesses the skills to read, write, listen, speak, and non-verbally communicate in a positive way

* Appropriately uses technology as a communication tool

Technological practitioner

* Uses advanced technologies, including but not limited to the computer

* Creates, accesses, integrates and uses information to communicate, reason, make decisions and solve