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Here at Danville Community School District we pride ourselves on offering a unique educational experience by housing preschool through 12th grade all under one roof. This consolidated approach not only adds a layer of convenience for families but also fosters a sense of community. Students, parents, and staff benefit from the seamless integration of various grade levels, creating a cohesive educational environment.

In our single-building model, communication flows smoothly, ensuring that teachers, administrators, and parents can work together effectively to address the diverse needs of students. This approach also promotes resource efficiency, as shared facilities and collaborative spaces contribute to cost savings and sustainable resource utilization. As students progress through different grades, they enjoy a familiar environment, facilitating a smooth transition and providing opportunities for cross-grade interaction. At Danville Community School District, we embrace this model to create a supportive and dynamic learning community where each student's journey is seamlessly woven into the fabric of our educational institution.


Jaci Thornburg


John Lawrence