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Athletics are an important part of the school experience, providing students with opportunities to build teamwork skills, stay active and healthy, and represent their school in competition. At Danville Community School District, athletics are particularly emphasized, with a wide range of sports teams available for students to join.

Participating in high school athletics can have many benefits beyond just physical fitness. Athletes learn to work together, communicate effectively, and persevere through challenges, all valuable skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. Being part of a team can help students build a sense of belonging and school spirit, fostering a positive school culture.

Overall, athletics are an important part of the high school experience, and here at Danville Community School District, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports that interests them and meets their individual abilities and goals.


PLEASE NOTE: schedules will be posted when they become available


REQUIRED FORMS: Once forms have been completed, please return to coaches, the DCSD Athletic Director, or to the High School Office.


Participating in extracurricular activities at the Danville Community Schools is a privilege and an honor. These activities can add a great deal to a student's education by promoting good citizenship and moral character, developing discipline and skills necessary for personal success and well-being, and promoting the image and identity of the school and community. Students participating in extracurricular activities must conduct themselves appropriately on school grounds and away from the school. The responsibility of good conduct is an extension of the responsibility to represent the school and community appropriately.