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Elective Courses

These are the elective courses offered by Danville High School. As you choose, think of your interests, your abilities, your career goals, and college admission requirements. This is the time to explore areas you think you may enjoy. You will need to plan ahead as not every course is offered every year or every semester. Please check the Course Booklet for course descriptions, grade levels, and prerequisites.
Mixed Media (9th grade only)
Art Appreciation
High School Art
Studio Workshop

Business and Technology
Accounting I, II, III, and IV
Advanced Computer Applications
Digital Design I & II
Introduction to Business 
MOC  (Multi-Occupations Cooperative)  
    • Class
    • Work
Financial Literacy
Programming/Web Design
Seniors in Accounting I
Intro to Computer Science
First Tech Challenge

English/Language Arts

Applied Language Arts (Yearbook)
Creative Writing (not offered 2018-19)
Play Production (not offered 2018-2019)
Film Studies

Popular Reads    

Theatre through Acting (not offered 2018-2019)

Family and Consumer Science
Parents and Their Children
Intro to Culinary
Culinary I and II
Intro to Family and Consumer Science I and II
Textiles I and II
Intro to Human Services

Other Area Opportunities

At New London High School
• Medical Terminology (1st Semester)
• Certified Nursing Assistant (2nd Semester)

At Burlington High School
Project Lead the Way
• Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)
• Principles of Engineering (POE)
• Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
• Digital Electronics (DE)
• Capstone in Engineering Design

Foreign Language
Spanish I, II, III, and IV

Health I, II (even years)

Health III, IV (odd years)

Industrial Technology
Architectural Drafting
Building Trades I and II
CAD I and II
Home and Auto Maintenance

Welding I and Advanced Welding

Carpentry I and Advanced Carpentry

High School Instrumental Music
High School Choir
Show Choir (selection process)
Music Appreciation
Music Theory & Composition 

Social Studies

Behavioral Science

Current Affairs
World History I and II

Math and Science

Three years of each required

but more can be taken.

Early Bird and Independent Study Science

Ag & Society (Before school on Tuesdays)
Bio-Ethics (2nd Semester)

Danville Leadership Class (every other odd year)

SCC Options
ICCOC (Iowa Community College Online Consortium)