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Quiz Bowl

Smarter Than the Average Bear

by Seth Braddock and Rebecca Gerst

What is Quiz Bowl? How does it relate to school? Danville has had a Quiz Bowl team in place for years and, although not every school in our conference has a team, we hold this tradition proudly and will continue to do so. In our conference, we play Cardinal, Central Lee, Mediapolis, Pekin, Van Buren, WACO, Wapello, and West Burlington. Some schools who have teams weren't able to play us this year and, from year to year, some schools have a coach and some years they don't. Our students are very busy people, so getting a commitment to be on a team is also a challenge, but we we make this a priority at Danville.

Quiz Bowl is an academic team that competes against other schools answering questions that relate to all kinds of topics. There are toss up questions and bonus questions that are either JV level or varsity level. The questions are ordered from a company so it is not known to any student what questions they will be answering. Among the topics there could be spelling, geometry, world history, novels, sports, music, culinary arts, grammar, vocational, computers, mythology, algebra, geography, physics, chemistry, or biology. Each round has twenty questions and there are time limits. The first team to buzz in gets to answer the question. If the team gives an incorrect answer, the other team has a chance to answer. Rules apply, of course, and we play with seriousness mixed with fun at all times!

The Quiz Bowl season started on February 28 in Van Buren. Danville White (JV) took first and Danville Blue (Varsity) took second. The second meet was held here in Danville. Danville Blue took third and Danville White took fifth. The final conference meet took place in Wapello on March 21. At this meet, each school could only bring one team. Danville took third place. Overall, our two teams played 21 games and had a 15-6 win/loss record. The season ended with our coach and players attending an impromptu "banquet" in which we went bowling and had pizza at Fun City for one final get together. 

Danville ended its Quiz Bowl season on Thursday, March 30 at Cardinal. This particular  meet wasn't an official tournament but it allowed four teams to get together and scrimmage both Varsity and JV. Our White team won the JV matches that day and the Blue team came in second behind Pekin. The teams this year included some new blood from all classes. Seniors included Hannah Hare, Bryan Dobson, Courtney Stucker, and Jon Perdelwitz. Juniors included Colin Dowd, Jace Garner, Isaiah Blain, and Seth Braddock. Sophomores were Emmalyn Beck, Clare Palmatier, and Justin Watznauer. The freshman was Drake Smith. We were led by our coach, Ms. Rebecca Gerst, who has been sponsoring this team for four years. 

Next year we will be losing some senior talent, but the Danville team will stand strong. We will continue to have two teams and will invite new players to each team in order to continue our Quiz Bowl tradition. We would love the support of the community to come and watch us show our academic prowess next year.

Karen Lampe,
Apr 19, 2017, 6:36 AM