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Education uses a lot of acronyms and terms that may not be familiar to people outside the field of education. In an attempt to define the most common education "jargon," we have added this page. If there are acronyms or terms that we missed, or if the definition is not clear, please email karen.lampe@danvillecsd.org and we will add to or clarify them.

     Acronym or Term                                     Definition

 Accommodation A change made to a classroom procedure to eliminate a
 barrier a student has because of a mental/physical/learning
 disability (i.e. preferential seating, tests will be read to
 students, texts will be enlarged).
 AESOP AESOP is a software program that our district uses to keep
 track of staff absences and obtain substitutes.
 ALICE ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter,
 Evacuate. This is the active shooter civilian response
 training in which we as staff and students have been
 BEDS Basic Educational Data Survey. Twice each year the
 district superintendent needs to summit this report on staff
 and non-student level data to the state. The data from this
 report is used to meet state and federal reporting
 requirements, respond to legislative requests for
 information, and support educational research. Information
 comes from this website.
 BOEE Board of Educational Examiners. The BOEE is the place
 to call or visit for those seeking or renewing an Iowa
 educational license. It also maintains a website for those
 seeking jobs in Iowa and of those currently licensed to
 practice in Iowa. 
 CAR Certified Annual Financial Report. This report of  
 financial data is required by Iowa Code to be filed annually
 by each school district. 
 CASA CASA, formerly known as the C-PLAN, is a report submitted
 annually by each school district to the State Department of
 Education. It stands for Consolidated Accountability and
 Support Application and is designed to be a "one-stop shop for  compliance information in all areas."
 Danville ELC Danville Early Learning Center
 DAT Danville Assistance Team
 DCSD Danville Community School District
 ELL      English Language Learner. This term generally refers to
 students for whom English is not their first language.
 ESSA Every Student Succeeds Act. This federal legislation was
 signed by President Obama in December 2015. "It
 reauthorizes...the nation's education law and...commitment
 to equal opportunity for all students."
 F&R Free and Reduced Lunch
 FACS Family and Consumer Science. (This department was
 formerly known as Home Ec or Home Economics.)
 FAST Formative Assessment System for Teachers
 504 Plan A 504 plan is a written document that is created for students
 who have a mental/physical/learning disability that is in
 need of accomodations that will give them access to the  
 general education curriculum. (Does not guarantee
 additional instruction outside of the classroom.)
 GPAEA Great Prairie Area Education Agency provides many services
 to local school districts, including speech, hearing testing, media
 resources, professional development classes and workshops for
 teachers, and more.
 IEP Individualized Education Plan. This legal document is
 developed for each public school child who needs special
 education and is reviewed periodically.
 JMC This is the student record management software our
 district uses to keep track of your child's lunch account,
 attendance, and grades. It is purchased from JMC, Inc.
 Lau Plan Each school district in Iowa is required to develop a Lau Plan "to
 address the specific language instruction education needs" of
 English Language Learners should it become necessary. It is
 named the LAU Plan "from the U.S. Supreme Court's 1974
 decision in Lau vs. Nichols."
 MAP Measures of Academic Progress. This assessment is
 given three times a year in the area of mathematics to
 students in grades 9-12. It has been chosen by our district
 as our state-required second assessment in math.

   Acronym or Term                                       Definition

 MTSS Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. This is a "decision-making
 framework of evidence-based practices in instruction and
 assessment that addresses the needs of all students." For
 more information, please visit this website
 NCLB No Child Left Behind. NCLB was the former federal education
 act. It has now been replaced by ESSA.
 PACE Pathways for Academic Career and Employment. This is a 
 program at Southeastern Community College (SCC) to help
 students map out their goals and create a plan to reach them.
 PBIS Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. This
 program has been implemented in our Elementary School. For
 more information on this program, visit this website.
 PD Professional Development
 PLTW Project Lead the Way. PLTW is offered those school districts
 who have teachers trained in these computer science,
 engineering, and biomedical science courses. Danville
 students can participate in the 9th-12th grade courses through
 Burlington or New London. For more information, check out
 page 76 of our Course Booklet or this website.
 PPEL Physical Plant and Equipment Levy. This is a levy that a
 school board may annually certify "up to 33¢ per thousand
 dollars of assessed valuation." It is restricted in use to physical
 facilities and equipment.
 PVO Parent Volunteer Organization. This group of elementary
 parents meets monthly and raises money to support special
 activities for Danville Elementary School. See their web page
 for more information about their purpose, activities, and to join.
 Response to Intervention
 SAVE Secure an Advanced Vision for Education. This is one of the
 funding streams for education from the State of Iowa. It is also
 known as the local option sales and service tax for school
 SBRC School Budget Review Committee
 SIAC School Improvement Advisory Committee. This committee
 of students, staff, administration, and community members
 meet monthly during the school year to discuss ways to
 improve our school district.
 SOD Meeting Suspicion of Disability Meeting
 SPED Special Education
 SRI Student Reporting in Iowa
 STEM / STE(A)M STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and 
STEAM adds Arts.
 STEP Secondary Transitional Education Program. This program is
 a partnership between Southeastern Community College, Great
 Prairie Area Education Agency, and local schools to make the
 transition from high school to career or vocation easier for
 special education students. See this website for more
 Success Center A service offered at Danville, where a teacher and associates
 offer assistance to K-12 students who are struggling in any
 area or need additional supports. A student, parent or teacher
 may make a request for service.
 TAG Talented and Gifted
 TLC Teacher Leadership and Compensation. The purpose of
 this legislation is to improve student learning by improving
 instruction through attracting and supporting promising new
 teachers, encouraging teachers to learn from each other
 through collaboration, and providing teacher-leaders to help
 teachers analyze data, fine-tune instructional strategies, as
 well as serve as co-teachers and instructional coaches.
 (Description taken from this web link which provides more
 TQ  Teacher Quality. Each year the district provides an optional
 "TQ" day for teacher professional development. This day is
 funded through a special teacher quality funding stream from
 the state.
 WCPM Words correct per minute. This term is used when we test a
 student's accuracy in reading.