Counselors' Corner

Danville Community School District's Counseling Offices

Vision Statement

The students at Danville Community School District will learn beneficial skills to be college and/or career

ready and successful lifelong learners.

These skills will give students the ability to be productive, competent citizens,

contributing to the well being of their communities and

helping them develop their personal potential
for a fulfilling future.


Kindergarten - 5th Grade School Counselor 

Miss Kinsey Michelson
Phone: 319-392-4221 ext. 331

Elementary Counseling Page

6th - 12th Grade School Counselor

Mrs. Lisa Alberts
Phone: 319-392-4222 ext. 334

6th-12th Counseling Page

DCSD School Counseling Program Philosophy

School Counseling Belief Statement

All students have dignity and worth. All students can gain and strengthen their skills,
attitudes and knowledge to respect self and others.
• All students have the right to a physically and emotionally safe school environment.
• All staff are responsible for ensuring that students are receiving needed support in the
areas of academics, career, and social-emotional growth.
• Positive relationships between home/school/community promote student success.
• All students’ differences are considered and respected when planning and implementing
the school counseling program.
• All students have the right to have a school counseling program delivered by a state-
certified school counselor.

School Counseling Mission Statement

The mission of the Danville Community School District School Counseling Program is to provide a student-centered learning environment that is developmental, comprehensive, ethical and data driven. In collaboration with students, school personnel, parents and the community, the school counseling program provides a school climate for all students to reach their potential in the areas of academic, career, and social-emotional growth. The program will progress so that graduates will be instilled with the skills and knowledge to be “college and career ready,” allowing them to be responsible, lifelong learners in our world of technological connections, capable of having productive and fulfilling lives.

The school counseling program is based on the belief that all students should participate in activities and instruction that will assist in their optimal development. The program is seen as an integral part of the educational process.  It is for each and every student, not just those experiencing difficulties. There are support services from community agencies available to students in a time of crisis.

At the elementary level, students have in-class instruction with an identified curriculum. Students are taught social-emotional and career lessons. At the junior and senior high school, students are assisted with their social, educational and career development by helping them prepare for and offering opportunities to take career inventories/surveys, college/career testing and other assessments deemed beneficial. In addition, all students have access to individual and group counseling sessions.